Heads up, 90’s kids. A Combatron video game is currently in crowdfunding!

When childhood nostalgia kicks in.

Some great news this weekend. A video game based on the popular Filipino “Komiks” series “Combatron” is currently in development and in crowdfunding over at indiegogo.

Check out the short teaser video for Combatron: Project Phoenix.


Taken from developer Caotic Pixel Studios indiegogo page:

Caotic Pixel Studios proudly presents the return of the kickass 90’s Pinoy Comicbook Superhero, “Combatron” — now in video game form!

Join Combatron, Dobbernaut, and the rest of the gang as they jab, kick, and uppercut their way through eight challenging levels in this retro-inspired Beat ‘Em Up game that will be playable in Windows (Steam); but will eventually be available to as many platforms as possible. We’re making history as this is the very first Filipino-made official computer game that is based on a local comicbook IP!

Through the campaign, the team hopes to raise funds enough for us resume the development of the game. While the graphics, animation, and programming are all in good and talented hands, there are some aspects of the development that the team needs help with (see below). Ultimately, it is you, the backers, who will make this project reach new heights and make history!


Combatron awoke in a desolate junkyard full of robot remains without any memory of who he is. As he venture forth in this unfamiliar world, he will discover that not only is this place seemingly kind of familiar after all; but also strangely different in multi-dimensional proportions…


  • Intense Beat ‘Em Up Action!
  • Eight levels to punch, kick, and blast through!
  • Play as Combatron, Axel, Mechababe, and two more secret characters!*
  • Game too hard? No problem! Collect enough “Embers” to revive on the spot!
  • Use Embers to upgrade the heroes’ combos and stats, too!
  • It’s not all Beat ‘Em Up, some levels are also Shoot ‘Em Ups!


For those who we’re even too young to remember, Combatron is character created by Berlin Manalaysay from the popular “Funny Komiks” books that circulated during the 90’s, which was a popular source of entertainment for children (and adults alike) that time, when gadgets didn’t enslave kids in their houses.

As you might have noticed, Combatron is heavily inspired from Capcom’s iconic blue bomber Megaman (Rockman in Japan).


Here’s a bit of fluff for those who want to dive in the lore quick:

The story tells of a orphan boy named Empoy who saw a spaceship crash while visiting his parents’ graves. As he neared the crash site, he encountered the original Combatron, who was badly injured. Empoy was then told that he was a space warrior from the planet Omnicron. He came to Earth after he and his allies were marked as outlaws. Knowing that his pursuers were coming to Earth, the dying Omnicronian gave Empoy his armor (bestowing the power of Combatron) and the robot dog in his employ, appropriately named Askal (Asong Mekanikal).


Empoy at that moment realized the reason of the spaceship’s crash. It was being chased by another ship which followed the course through earth.

Upon landing, they saw the crashed ship and found Combatron, a fight instantly broke out with the new Combatron being victorious. The villains returned to their base, warning Combatron that their war isn’t over and earth will be conquered.

From then on, a series of enemies appear in the succeeding issues. And the formula cycled on that premise.

As of this post, the campaign is set to run for 45 days. Again check out the developer’s indiegogo page to pledge your support.