‘Metal Slug Code: J’ is a new Metal Slug mobile game coming to iOS and Android

We can't wait for this to release!

ONE Store Beta Now Available

Following SNK’s confirmation that new Metal Slug games are coming soon, we finally have our first look at Metal Slug Code:J, a Metal Slug mobile game that’s releasing on iOS and Android.

The game is developed by TiMi Studio of Tencent Games, the same developers beside Call of Duty Mobile, as well as the upcoming Pokemon Unite.

Watch the new trailer for Metal Slug Code:J here:

From what we’ve seen in the new trailer, Metal Slug Code:J features the same playable cast as the original titles, and it features side-scrolling gameplay that’s sticks close to the series’ roots, all while having modernized graphics. Of course, the game won’t just be a straight up recreation of the classic games, Metal Slug Code:J will also feature a “card” mechanism; though TiMi Studio has yet to give more details on this new system.

There’s now word yet on a release date for Metal Slug Code:J. Aside from Metal Slug Code:J, there’s also another Metal Slug game in the works, this time for consoles.