5 reasons why you should play X-Morph Defense: Complete Edition

An amalgamation of awesome.

As mentioned in our review, X-Morph Defense: Complete Edition by EXOR Studios came as a surprise to us because of its unique mash-up of mechanics. You can check out our detailed write-up there but if you are looking for a more casual reason to play this wonderful shooter, then you’re in the right place because we have 5 for you!


1. It offers a unique blend of tried and true mechanics

Not only is the game a top-down shooter, X-Morph is a fusion of some well-known mechanics such as tower defense with a sprinke of RTS where you build defensive structures via its “Ghost Mode” feature. The dynamic gameplay and explosive visuals of X-Morph Defense (especially during boss fights) makes for a pretty wild time! Adding to this, upgrading your wares in-between missions adds a bit more variety and a feel of ownership when dive into customizing. I personally liked using bombs because well, bombs!


2. Easy to pick-up for some short gaming sessions

The game is designed for both long-hours of gaming with its Endless Survival mode, but if you’re like me who doesn’t have the time, the game can be well-appreciated in bite sized chunks too. Perfect for that short pick-me-up or a way to release a bit of stress by, well, blowing things up!


3. Difficulty ramps up at a manageable pace

At the start the game holds your hand a bit and eases you in a variety of mechanics. As you move through levels the difficulty ramps up but at a pace where you still have time to think, plan and apply all the tricks you’ve unlocked. There will come a point though that everything will really be overwhelming, but the game is made in such a way that you feel that you are not in a total disadvantage.


4. Couch Co-op adds another layer of fun

The cooperative aspect is a very welcome addition to the game. There were a lot of times where me and my brother knew what role we would play – I was frantically shooting everything that moved while the other was focused on building structures at key points in the map. Communication is also key when playing with a buddy though the extra pair of eyes can get a bit complicated when playing via-split screen. The varied roles really added another level of fun to the game to the point that I feel that it is always better (though a tad more chaotic) when playing with a friend.


5. Most importantly, it brings back that old-school bullet hell shooter feel

Missing those ye olde R-Type and G-Darius games during the 90’s? Well that same action-packed feel is back but with a few more tricks up its sleeve. Easily the best part in this game is that they took a tried-and-tested formula while adding a few gimmicks but stayed relatively close to its older brothers. From the explosions to the boss fights, not to mention that solid couch coop that I really missed, this game really delivers what you’d expect and then some!


Again, for a more detailed look into X-Morph Defense: Complete Edition you can check out our review. All in all, there’s some good chaotic fun to be had with this twin-stick hybrid. That is going in the right direction and I want to see more of this genre (hopefully) soon.