PS5 purchases reportedly limited to one console per person

This might be to deter PS5 resellers.

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According to a post on reddit, Sony will limit purchases of a PS5 to only one console per person when it launches in Holiday 2020. Specifically, the post cited a source code leak from the PlayStation Direct website which shows the error message “You
can only purchase one version of the PS5™ Console: Disc or Digital. You have already added one PS5™ console to your cart” when a user tries to buy more than one PS5.

While not yet confirmed, Sony limiting PS5 console purchases isn’t a surprise, especially given how highly anticipated the release of the new PlayStation console is. In fact, reports have said that Sony has increased production of PS5 consoles to 9 or 10 million to meet the demand.

Another likely reason for the PS5 being limited to one per person is to prevent resellers from selling the console for a profit. With the high expected demand for the PS5 when it releases, there will surely be some who will try to take advantage and resell the console at a higher price (as is usually the case during every new console launch).

While we don’t know yet when we’ll receive any concrete info on the PS5’s launch from Sony, some reports suggest that there will be a State of Play stream this August which will reveal more exclusives. Plus, from the looks of it, retailers might be getting ready for the opening of PS5 pre-orders.

The PlayStation 5 releases in Holiday 2020.

Source: Reddit