How much will the PS5 be priced in the Philippines?

Here is our prediction of the PS5's price tag in the Philippines.

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[UPDATE: Sony has just announced the official price of the PS5 in the Philippines]

Last week, Sony announced the official price tag of the PS5 at the PlayStation showcase. The next-gen console will be priced at USD 499 for the standard edition, with the Digital Edition having an SRP of USD 399. Converted to Philippine Peso, the price of the consoles are around PHP 24,160 and around PHP 19,315 respectively.

Right now, Sony has yet to announce the official price of the PS5 in the Philippines, though we expect it to be a bit more expensive here. After all, electronics are generally priced higher here compared to their price tags in the US.

Ahead of the console’s PH price reveal, we’re expecting the standard PS5 to have a price tag of PHP 29,490 in the Philippines. Other possible prices for the console are PHP 28,990 or PHP 29,990. This is based on the recently revealed price tag of the PS5 in Singapore.

In Singapore, the PS5 is priced at SGD 729–that’s PHP 25,863 when converted to Philippine Peso. Given that the suggested retail prices of the PS4 and PS4 Pro in the Philippines are 13-14% higher than in Singapore, it should mean that the PS5 will also be 13-14% more expensive in the PH.

As PHP 25,863 + 13% = PHP 29,225, PHP 29,490 is a likely price point. Though we won’t be surprised if Sony prices the console a bit more competitively at PHP 28,990, or a bit more expensively at PHP 29,990.

So how did we arrive at the 13-14% price difference between the two countries? For reference, here is the pricing info for the PS4 Mega Pack and PS4 Pro God of War/The Last of Us Remastered bundles:

  • PS4 Mega Pack SG Price – SGD 449 (around PHP 15,928 converted)
  • PS4 Mega Pack PH Price – PHP 17,990
  • PHP 2,061 increase in the Philippines – around 13% more expensive

  • PS4 Pro bundle SG Price – SGD 619 (around PHP 21,962 converted)
  • PS4 Pro bundle PH Price –  PHP 24,990
  • PHP 3,028 increase in the Philippines –  around 13.8% more expensive

Of course, our price predictions are solely based on the PS4’s regional price difference, so take them with a grain of salt. Plus, the SGD to PHP conversion figures were based on the exchange rate at the time of this article’s writing.


What about the PS5 Digital Edition?


In Singapore, the PS5 Digital Edition has a price of SGD 599–that’s PHP 21,245 when converted. Adding 13% on top of the console results in PHP 24,007. This should mean the PS5 Digital Edition may have a PHP 23,990 price tag; if the Digital Edition releases in the Philippines that is.

Remember, the Philippines is not currently a supported country in the PlayStation Network. This means Filipino PlayStation players must create an account with a different region to access Sony’s online services. Given the lack of official PSN support in the country, Sony may choose not to release the Digital Edition here. After all, Sony has already confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will not release in certain countries.

The PlayStation 5 will release on November 12, 2020 in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea. Meanwhile, the rest of the world will get the PS5 on November 19, 2020.