Seagate announces the Marvel Avengers Limited Edition Game Drive for PS4

Featuring four designs based on the new Avengers game!

To celebrate the recent release of the Marvel’s Avengers game, Marvel has teamed up with Seagate for the new Avengers Limited Edition Game Drive for the PS4. This special version of Seagate’s external drive for the PS4 will come in four unique Marvel Avengers collectible designs. The designs include: The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Captain America, and the whole Avengers cast from the new game (including Kamala Khan).

Each of the Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition Game Drive units will have 2 TB of storage which should hold lots of PS4 games. Best of all, Seagate’s Game Drive is not only compatible with the PlayStation 4, it’ll also be compatible with the PlayStation 5 when the next-gen console releases in Holiday 2020.

While Seagate has yet to announce a release date for the Marvel’s Avengers Game Drive, gamers who are interested in getting one (or all four) can sign up at the Seagate website to get notified when the limited edition drive will release.

The Marvel’s Avengers Limited Edition Game Drive will release in the Philippines soon. Seagate Philippines has not yet announced a price for this special Game Drive.

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