Looks like Philippine Credit Cards are now working on the PlayStation Singapore Store

While Philippine Credit Cards were previously unusable on the SG PlayStation Store, it looks like you can now use them to buy PSN games.

For the longest time, Singaporean PlayStation accounts were not compatible with Philippine Credit/Debit cards, meaning Filipino players can’t use their cards to top-up their wallet or buy games on the PlayStation Store. This is unlike PSN HK or US accounts where Credit Cards from the Philippines are usually accepted.

Now though, it seems that Philippine Credit Cards are now working on the SG PlayStation Store (credits to Bim Barbieto of GeekOut PH for discovering this).

Upon learning this info, we tried buying a game on the SG PlayStation Store with a credit card (a Citi Rewards card to be exact). Lo and behold, it worked, and we were able to make a successful game purchase. Of course, we cannot verify if all Philippine Credit Cards will work.

Take note though, the process of using a Credit Card on PSN SG is similar to other regions in that the Billing Address must be located where your PlayStation Account’s region is. This means you should enter a Singaporean Billing Address to use your Credit Card; even if your card is based in the PH, it should still work.

For reference, we used the following address:

Address 1 – 8 Sentosa Gateway
City – Sentosa
Postal Code – 098269
Country – Singapore

Aside from Credit Cards, we also had success with using select Prepaid Cards. Specifically, we can confirm that we were able to use a PayMaya card, as well as a BPI Amore Visa Prepaid Card. This is useful for players who do not have a Credit Card.

Finally, we tested some Bank Debit Cards. Sadly, most standard Debit Cards won’t work with this method. So you’ll need a Credit Card or a Prepaid Card to buy games and top-up your wallet on the PlayStation SG Store.

While most Credit/Prepaid Cards should work, there’s no guarantee that all available cards right now will be compatible. In case your card doesn’t work, there are at least other options, such as buying PlayStation Network Digital Codes from reputable online stores such as Datablitz.

03/22 – Amended previous statement that Credit Cards work on the PSN US store.