Ayala Museum is back for ‘International Museum Day 2021’ with a series of virtual tours this May!

In celebration of International Museum Day.

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International Museum Day is once again around the corner, and our friends over at Ayala Museum is promoting this occasion safely and in the comfort of our own homes, using the Gather.Town platform this time around. The whole event will run from May 21-30 and you can pre-register for the event right here.

Courtesy: Ayala Museum

Here’s more details from Ayala Museum’s press release:

Following our foray into Animal Crossing for last year’s celebration, the museum will be doing another virtual tour (with a twist) but this time on a different platform.
Ayala Museum will be presenting “Where is the Filipino: An Interactive 8-Bit Tour Around the Philippines“. There will be a series of live tours on May 21, then self-guided tours from May 22-30.

Courtesy: Ayala Museum

In celebration of International Museum Day, Ayala Museum presents an interactive live virtual tour around the Philippines in search for what makes us ‘Filipino’.

This unique experience, in partnership with Globe, takes you through multiple stops all over the archipelago, encountering indigenous and ethnographic artifacts from the Ayala Museum collection along the way that showcase the breadth of Filipino craftsmanship and creativity.

This free virtual tour of the Ayala Museum collection provides an opportunity to situate these objects in their places of origin, familiarizing the public with the various ethnolinguistic groups represented in the collection and their material culture.

Ayala Museum’s tour is held on Gather.Town, an online social platform that allows guests to interact with each other, control an avatar, and explore a 2D map – an experience reminiscent of playing classic 8-bit games during the 90s. Ayala Museum has utilized this platform to map out 100+ museum objects on the Philippine map.

Courtesy: Ayala Museum

You can sign-up here for a live and guided tour experience with an Ayala
Museum staff on May 21 during the following time slots: 10AM-11AM, 1PM-2PM, 3PM-4PM, or 5PM-6PM. Each time slot is limited to only 15 visitors.

But if you are not able to get a slot, don’t worry. The virtual tour space will be free to roam for the public from May 22-30, 2021, allowing anyone interested to take a tour by themselves or with friends!

The link will be open to everyone and available through Ayala Museum’s website starting May 22, Saturday. Please be informed that the platform can only accommodate 25 users at a time, so when it is full the first time, you can check again at another time.

Courtesy: Ayala Museum

Be quick to register for the first day as there will only be limited slots. Pre-registration for the self-guided tours for May 21 can be found here. For more information and instructions, visit www.ayalamuseum.org or contact Ayala Museum through any of their social media platforms.


Once again, I tip my salakot to everyone at Ayala Museum, ever since the pandemic, they have been making some really great ideas of promoting our culture through various platforms. One such medium is through the Nintendo Switch using Animal Crossing as a way to introduce different textiles and clothing that is native to the Philippines.

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