Show your love of Trese and print these impressive 3D models

Download the STL files here.

Trese is fresh out on Netflix right now and received with much acclaim (our review here). For the fans who binge-watched the 6-episode series – including all its dubbed versions in one go, I won’t blame you if you’re left wanting for more.

Luckily, some of our talented artists shared with us these custom designs that you can download for free and print using a 3D-printer. Keep in mind that even though these STL files are available to the public, they are purely meant for your personal enjoyment. Trese is the intellectual property of its creators, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo and I would advise not using these for any kind of profit… Unless you want to be visited by a Tiyanak this evening, I warned you!


First up is this custom medallion made by JB Casacop. Aside from being known as someone who makes personalized lightsabers, I mostly know JB for his highly-impressive contribution in the tabletop and boardgame scene, as he had done art for Fantasy Flight Games with titles such as Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars Living Card Games, just to name a few. Mentioning these pop-culture staples only scratches the surface with regards to this freelance illustrator’s decorated portfolio. I recommend that you check his work and maybe do a commission or two.

From JB:

This is my gift to all fans of the graphic novel series TRESE. It’s being adapted into an anime series on Netflix and I can’t wait to see it on June 11, 2021! I saw this magical seal behind the main character Alexandra on the Trese billboard along SLEX and I thought it would look good as a design on a medallion. I had some leftover resin and made myself one! And now, thanks to Thingiverse, you can make your own too! I’m putting the model here for everyone to enjoy! You can print it, remix it, and do all sorts of magical things with it! Please post photos of your makes here. I would love to see them! 🙂


This model, for all intents and purposes, is considered fan art. Trese is the intellectual property of its creators alone, Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo. I would request that you pay them the same kind of respect as I do. Please do not sell this digital file in particular.

  •  3D file format: STL
  •  3D model size: X 49.2 × Y 53.5 × Z 2.45 mm
  •  Publication date: 2021/05/30 at 13:21

Download the STL file for the medallion here. If you want to check out more of his work, you can visit JB Casacop’s Artstation page.

Joshua Daniel Flores, a voice actor, prolific miniature painter and admin of a miniature painting group in Facebook called Pilipintados designed this very impressive mini using the Hero Forge software tool. Armed with her Kris (Sinag) on the left and Santelmo on the right, this is sure to spice up any role-playing game should that take a turn for the weird.

Get the miniature figure’s STL file here. Down the line Joshua will be doing a tutorial on how to properly paint the Babaylang Mandirigma herself, so watch out for that! I personally hope that he does a Crispin and Basilio mini soon

Check out Joshua Daniel Flores’ social media accounts – Joosh Joosh Ministhetics and Joosh Joosh Vocasthetics. You can also follow him on Instagram. 


And there you have it, folks! Trese is streaming now on Netflix! After watching that, you might want to check out its supplementary epidode – Trese After Dark for a deep dive into everything Trese!

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