Hololive English announces Omegaα, a possible new VTuber


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    Following the debut of Hololive English Generation 2, a possible new Hololive member named Omegaα was revealed. Omega was revealed in the first Hololive English gen 2 (or Hololive Council) collaboration stream.

    During the stream, the five Hololive Council members officially unveiled Omegaα, though the reveal didn’t exactly explain what she will be.

    Here is a short description of her lore:

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    “The EN(D), the exiled of Worlds.

    The cause of “events” and was told to be the origin of the ancient malediction “Gaze of Omega.”

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    Usually an observer, is now taking an active role for unknown reasons.”

    After the reveal, the official Hololive English YouTube channel also shared a video teasing here titled “The Advent of Omegaα.” Check it out here:

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    Similar to the reveals of IRyS and Hololive EN Gen 2, Omegaα’s announcement was quite lore-heavy, meaning that we should expect more lore developments regarding Hololive English.

    While we don’t know yet regarding what to expect for Omegaα, she did publish a new tweet stating that more info will be revealed in the future.

    Currently, fans are theorizing that Omega might be another Hololive council member, or possibly a special content creator given that she is listed as a producer in IRyS’ Caesura of Despair MV. Some have even speculated that she will play the “A-chan” role for HoloEN. Whatever the case may be, we’ll have to wait and see in her debut (if she does debut in the traditional sense).

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