Windows 11 will release starting October 5, free upgrade for W10 users

    Your PC will need to be Windows 11 compatible though.


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    Microsoft has just announced that Windows 11 will release starting October 5, 2021, and it will roll out for free to Windows 10 users. The OS will also be available on the 5th of October through PCs/laptops that come pre-loaded with Windows 11.

    While the Windows 11 rollout will start on October 5, the release will be phased. This means not everyone will instantly get their Windows 11 upgrade. Plus, users will only get the OS upgrade if their PC/laptop is compatible and meets the Windows 11 requirements.

    What will happen specifically during the rollout is that Windows 11 will first be made available to users with eligible devices. According to Microsoft, users who will get the upgrade first will be determined by their device’s reliability metrics, age of device and other factors. The rollout will then happen over time, and Microsoft expects that all eligible devices will get Windows 11 by mid-2022.

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    If your Windows 10 PC is eligible, you will get a notification on Windows Update that lets you know that the upgrade is available. You can also check manually by going to Settings – Windows Update and select Check for updates.

    Windows 11 was announced last June, and it brings a bevy of new features. Aside from a refreshed look, this new version of Windows will also come with enhanced gaming features, as well as the ability to run Android apps natively.

    For more info on the Windows 11 release, visit the official Microsoft website.

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