Deerma DX700 Vacuum Cleaner – A Surprisingly Good Recommendation for Gamers

If you’re a PC or console gamer, the Deerma DX700 Vacuum Cleaner is a surprisingly good device to keep your device in tip-top shape.

If you’re a PC or console gamer, you probably know that these gaming machines can get quite warm, especially when playing the latest triple-A titles. For the most part, a gaming PC or a console getting warm during gameplay isn’t much of an issue; especially as these devices are built so that they are cooled by several fans, and the heat is moved away through vents.

A new well-built gaming PC or console will have no issues moving heat away from critical components when new. Though that might not be the case after some time, especially for PCs or consoles that are not well maintained.

Dust is the Enemy

If a PC or console is not cleaned properly, it’s likely that the fans and vents can get choked up by dust. While a bit of dust in the fans shouldn’t be much of an issue, what happens when there’s too much dust is that the PC/console’s fans won’t cool the components (more specifically, the heatsinks) properly. As for dust on vents, too much dust can lead to heat not dissipating properly, as well as a lack of cool airflow to the inside.

As most of us should know, too much heat can lead to faster degradation of electronics, meaning there is a risk of shortening your console or PC’s lifespan. Of course, PC and console manufacturers are smart enough to have the processor/GPU throttle when a certain temperature is reached so that internal components have better longevity. Though the problem with this is, if a dusty PC or console gets hot quickly, the components are forced to run a bit slower to reduce heat, meaning game performance won’t be as good.

To sum it up, a dusty console/PC runs the risk of breaking faster, and it will also perform worse for gaming. This means having a device to keep your gaming machine clean is a must for optimum performance.

Why the Deerma DX700 Vacuum Cleaner is Great for Gamers

Enter the Deerma DX700 Vacuum Cleaner. At first glance, this device seems like your typical home vacuum cleaner given its size. Though it’s actually a 2-in-1 vacuum cleaner, meaning it has a smaller, handheld mode which is perfect for keeping your gaming area clean and dust-free.

With its various nozzle options, the DX700 should be a great match for cleaning all kinds of space – great news if your PC/console sits in a smaller area. The vacuum also has several power modes which is important as having a vacuum cleaner with modes that are too strong can damage certain items (important for more fragile devices). On top of these, the DX700 has a large capacity dust box and a hand-washable cotton filter, meaning you’ll be able to use it reliably for a long time.

And of course, the Deerma DX700 has a vertical mode that you can use to clean up the rest of your house. After all, keeping your gaming space clean and dust-free won’t do you any good if the rest of your room/house is dirty.

How to clean your Gaming PC and Console with a Vacuum Cleaner

Now, there are some key things to remember when using a vacuum cleaner for cleaning up a PC or console. For one, you should stick to lower power settings, and only clean the main space where it sits,t the sides, and the areas near the vents. Vacuuming a PC/console directly and while opened might damage the internals, so it’s recommended to either use a duster, brush, or a can of compressed air to clear out dust from the inside.

When you do clean out the dust off the internals, remember to vacuum the cleared dust from the floor or table as you wouldn’t want them to just get sucked in again when you turn on your PC or console.

Also, make sure to consult your gaming device’s manual to see if there are any notes or restrictions regarding cleaning of components or a console. After all, items from different manufactures have different tolerances.

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