Grado x Pokemon Center headphones announced

    Perfect for Audiophile Pokemon fans!


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    Grado has revealed a new lineup of headphones in collaboration with Pokemon Center, and it features four models with Pokemon-inspired designs.

    From the looks of it, these new headphones are based on the Grado SR80x. But instead of the typical black finish, these Pokemon headphones feature either a wood or a metal cup construction, depending on the model.

    Here is the full list of headphones in the Grado x Pokemon Center collab:

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    Meanwhile, here’s a closer look at their designs:

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    Meanwhile, here are the prices for each pair of headphones:

    • Poké Ball Headphones (Wood with Red Headband) – USD 495.99
    • Poké Ball Headphones (Wood with Black Headband) – USD 495.99
    • Poké Ball Headphones (Aluminum) – USD 295.99
    • Pikachu Headphones (Black Aluminum) – USD 295.99

    In case you’re unfamiliar, Grado Labs is an audio equipment company based in Brooklyn that specializes in headphones and cartridges. Grado isn’t exactly as popular in the mainstream as compared to Beats or Sony, but their headphones are highly regarded among audiophiles for their audio quality, thanks in part to their open-backed designs which make for a more open sound.

    For more info on these headphones, visit the Grado website.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
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