Cover announces Holoearth, an upcoming open-world sandbox game

Holoearth is an open-world sandbox game is under development that will serve as Hololive Alternative's metaverse, with more projects to come.

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We finally have an update on COVER’s multi-media project called Hololive Alternative after five months since the project’s official teaser was release. The update was given on the Hololive Alternative’s official website, in which “Producer U” shared some information about their plans for the upcoming project. COVER also shared a glimpse at Holoearth which will serve as the metaverse and centerpiece of Hololive Alternative.  

Other information provided by Producer U regarding Holoearth is that it will be the name of both the metaverse project, and that the premise of Hololive Alternative that will utilize “a variety of media” to give life to this virtual world. 


Producer U also shared that the new in-house development team at COVER is currently working on several Holoearth subprojects, including:

  • Sandbox game – an open-world sandbox game under development where players can take on an adventure of their own battling monsters and building houses while living their daily life in this virtual world. 
  • Communication Lobby – A meeting place for players to chat and recruit each other that will serve as Holoearth’s gateway. This lobby will also serve as the games’ event space.
  • Avatar Creation system – Fans can create avatars that will represent them on Holoearth. They can also collect various items to customize their avatar through the course of their adventure on Holoearth.

All subprojects will eventually be integrated into a single service, and while it is being made for PC, support for mobile platforms is also currently planned. The estimated development of the project is one to two years, with an alpha/beta test under consideration to let fans have a first-hand experience of Holoearth, with the Hololive talents playing a prototype this November.

Lastly, various releases on different channels and formats for Hololive Alternative are underway. Including Twitter manga titled Holoearth Chronicles: Yamato Phantasia and the new Underworld Academy Overload. The world archive site for Holoearth “Holonometria” will also receive more content soon. Plus, the theme song for PV1, Dawn Blue, will also have a physical disc release this Winter, with a new Animated PV debuting next year.

More updates will come between the remainder of 2021 till the start of 2022. Along with their other project titled hololive ERROR, fans of Hololive definitely have a lot to look forward to. 

Source: Siliconera via Hololive Alternative website