Shopee’s Collector’s World Returns with More Budol Deals

Give in to your geeky budols with Shopee Collector's World

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Heads up geeky collectors, Shopee is fueling our need to splurge (or hunt) for that perfect piece to finish off our collection with the return of Shopee’s Collector’s World deals.  If you’re into action figures, Funko Pops, collectible trinkets and whatnots, Shopee is actually a great venue to hunt for bargains and potentially hard-to-find items.

Until November 20, discover rare and sought-after vinyl figures, trading cards, albums, and other collectibles, with discounts up to 50% off. You can also use the promo code SHPCW101121 to get an extra ₱50 off until November 21.

To help you along, Shopee Philippines compiled some of their choice picks for people of varied interest.

For KNY fans and Rengoku Stans

Hubbyte’s Shopee Store is offering their your beloved Flame Hashira Nendoroid at a discount with this limited-edition Nendoroid Demon Slayer Kyojuro Rengoku figure. While you wait for the succeeding episodes of the Mugen Train Arc (and finally bid farewell to Kyojuro), take him home with you and keep that flame in your heart burning. Umai! 

For cinephiles


Darth Vader may be the antagonist, but he’s still a worthy addition to any Star Wars fan’s merchandise collection—especially if it’s this cute Funko Pop! Valentine’s Darth Vader vinyl figure. This Hearts Day-themed toy, which comes in a lovely pink color, would make a perfect gift for your Chosen One. Search your feelings, you know it to be true.

For K-Pop stans


For a K-Pop fan, nothing beats the thrill of scoring a rare photo card of your favorite member. Keep your precious K-Pop photocards collection safe and sound using Sultan Supply Premium Card Sleeves. These premium acid-free sleeves, which come in  50 pcs, fit 55mm x 86mm cards.


ONCE, celebrate your K-Pop biases’ debut anniversary with a brand-new album! Don’t miss out on the much-anticipated TWICE FORMULA OF LOVE: O+T=<3, which is set to release next month. Each pre-ordered album comes with a folded poster and a photocard set.


This rookie boy band stole ENGENE’s hearts with their sophomore mini-album, ENHYPEN Border: Carnival. Choose between the Up, Hype, and Down album versions. Enjoy adding a lyric book, two photocards, signature sticker, carnival ticket, and a folded poster to your ENHYPEN shrine as well.

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