Square Enix unveils Masterline Final Fantasy 6 Statue

Square Enix has just revealed a Masterline Final Fantasy 6 1/6 scale statue featuring Terra Branford atop a Magitek Armor.

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After giving FF7 Remake some love with new Tifa and Aerith dress version statues, Square Enix has just revealed a Masterline Final Fantasy 6 1/6 scale statue. Specifically, this statue features protagonist Terra Branford atop a Magitek Armor — arguably the most iconic image from FF6 (it’s even in the game’s logo). Completing the look is a Moogle on the right side.

As a Square Enix Masterline statue, this is an incredibly detailed model, though it is quite large given that it’s in a 1/6 scale. The detail and the scale of this statue likely means that this will cost a pretty penny, likely in the thousands of US Dollars. For comparison, the NieR Automata Masterline 1/4 statue is priced at an eye-watering USD 2,849 (around PHP 143,700).

Here are more images of the statue so you can admire the impressive amount of detail:

Given the likely sky-high price tag, this statue is pretty much made for the most dedicated (and deep-pocketed) of Final Fantasy 6 fans. If you’re one such fan who is willing to spend big bucks on this statue, there’s no word yet on pricing and availability of this Final Fantasy 6 Masterline. Though expect it to become available for pre-order soon on the Square Enix store.