United Gamers Guild holds Axie Infinity All-Stars Tournament for Victims of Typhoon Odette

United Gamers Guild (UGG), recently held the UGG All-Stars Tournament for the blockchain game Axie Infinity last December 28-29, 2021.

United Gamers Guild (UGG), recently held their first-ever UGG All-Stars Tournament for the blockchain game Axie Infinity last December 28-29, 2021.

The 2-day tournament featured 32 streamers and content creators, including AremzyTV, Chippu, Don Panda, Fifi, Gudz, Inzai, Ninyoww, Overxyze, Lex Aeterna, Pattie, Ruthless, Toothless, Ninong Nokz and more. The participants vied for a prize pool of 1000 AXS. Though aside from this prize, the tournament was also held for the benefit of the victims of Typhoon Odette. Specifically, 33,495 Stars was donated to tthe Youth Movement Initiative’s efforts in helping out those affected by the disaster.

Along with the Typhoon Odette donation, UGG also held various promos and giveaways throughout the tournament. Lucky winners received cash prizes, and a total of 15 Axie Scholarships.

Finallly, the UGG All-Stars Tournament also featured an Axie Infinity showmatch between comedian/streamer Roadfill and singer-songwriter, Yeng Constantino.

During the broadcast, Phillip Sebastian, CEO of United Gamers Guild, shared:

“We have a dream with UGG, we wanted to be able to give back to the community. We want to help the players who play games on a casual daily basis be able to earn and benefit from their happiness and passion for being a gamer.

We also want to help educate that community on how you can find other play-to-earn games and what play-to-earn games they should be playing, and at the same time, support that community with an esports infrastructure like tournaments and events for the entire community.

To the entire gaming community this is the start! Look out for more events to come! This is the first step to the future of gaming!”