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    Hololive terminates contract with Uruha Rushia

    Uruha Rushia is no longer part of Hololive.


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    Following the recent Uruha Rushia drama in Hololive, Cover Corp. has released a new statement, and it dropped a bombshell.

    In the statement, Cover Corp. announced that they have terminated their agreement with Uruha Rushia, meaning Rushia will no longer be part of Hololive starting today, February 24. Along with this, the YouTube channel of Rushia will be taken down around the end of March.

    Here is the full statement from Cover Corp:

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    “Thank you so much for supporting “hololive production” on a daily basis.

    We would like to notify you that, as of February 24, 2022 (Thursday), we have terminated our Virtual YouTuber Master Agreement with “Uruha Rushia” who is affiliated with the VTuber group, “hololive,” that our company manages.

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    Regarding “Uruha Rushia,” it has been apparent for some time that she has been distributing false information to third parties and has been leaking information, including communications regarding business matters. We have been investigating the facts related to these matters.

    With respect to the above, we were able to confirm that she engaged in acts that: violated her contract by leaking information that she acquired from the company as well as communication over SNS, both of which she has a responsibility to protect; and caused the company to suffer reputational damage, such as by publicizing falsehoods to various related parties. As a result, we, as a company, have determined that it has become difficult to continue managing and supporting her and have elected to make this decision.

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    To all our fans and any related parties, we deeply appreciate all of the great support you have provided throughout the activities that “Uruha Rushia” has engaged in over a period of 2 years and 7 months since her debut as part of the third generation of “hololive.” We deeply apologize from the bottom of our hearts that we have ended up in a position to have to report this news to you.

    Regarding any refunds related to “Uruha Rushia” birthday merchandise for which we have accepted orders, we will notify you of the details in the respective sales websites and such going forward. We appreciate your patience.

    Also, we will be shutting down this talent’s YouTube channel and membership as of around the end of March.

    Please understand that we are taking this matter very seriously. We intend to put further efforts into instructing the talents that are affiliated with us on compliance matters so that similar incidents do not happen again in the future.

    We hope that you will continue supporting and enjoying our company as well as the talents that are affiliated with us.

    Thank you very much.”

    Along with taking down her YouTube channel at the end of March, Cover has also announced that they will accept refunds to Rushia birthday merchandise.

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    Nicolo Manaloto
    Nicolo Manaloto
    UnGeek's resident editor who is obsessed with anything and everything Death Stranding. He is also a big fan of the Yakuza series, and is a weaboo in denial.


    1. Given the circumstances, she should have been put on a probational period. I understand she was under contract, but you know how Asian fans are if their subject of worship dares to date someone. Vtubers lose their Japanese fanbase if found out they’re dating or married. Cover may not care, but the fans do. Independent Vtubers pretty much have to make a choice whether or not to be open about dating. So far only a few I know were open since day 1.

    2. Well, She did make a mistake by giving her account to Kore, for clearing her name, but. Kore found out that she has been giving private information, such as Genmate’s information and even the manager’s names and information to third parties. And kore reached out cover corp about it. Rushia should have shut upped and let hololive do their work. Yet she made her case worst and thus she got terminated.

    3. I wonder why she even did that in the first place.
      To me, HoloLive is starting to look fishy… Shady even. There must be reason why she chose to leak company information. I dont think she just wanted to damage the company, but uncover something the company was hiding.

      And do they realize that they are building even more hate against their company by deleting a very popular vtuber? This wont make them more popular; quite the opposite actually. But hey, bad business decisions are what they do best.


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