Two Point Campus release date moved to August 2022

SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced that the Two Point Campus release date has been e delayed to August 10, 2022 on all platforms.

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Originally set to release this May, SEGA and Two Point Studios have announced that Two Point Campus is delayed to August 10 on all platforms (August 9 in the West). This delay was made to give the developers time to further polish the game.

Regarding the delay, Mark Webley, Game Director at Two Point Studios, said:

“Our ambition from the start has been to release Two Point Campus across all PC and console platforms simultaneously to the quality and standard that our community expects from us. This means we will need a little bit more time with Two Point Campus to make sure we deliver the best possible game that can be enjoyed equally on all platforms. We will use these additional three months to optimise Two Point Campus for all platforms.”

In case you missed its announcement, Two Point Campus is an upcoming management simulator that’s similar to Two Point Hospital (from the same studio). But unlike Hospital, in Two Point Campus, players must manage a college campus.

Two Point Campus will release on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on August 10, 2022 in Asia. Meanwhile, Western territories will get the game on August 9, 2022.

Want to know more about the game? Check out our first impressions of a Two Point Campus demo preview here:

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