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    ASUS ROG showcases gaming components and peripherals lineup at Gamescom 2022

    Check out ASUS ROG's gaming components and peripherals lineup!


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    At Gamescom 2022, ASUS ROG showcased its new line of gaming peripherals and components in its first large-scale on-site event in years.

    Specifically, ROG held the “Have It All” event at for Gamescom 2022 at Dock2 in Cologne, Germany. This is the first large-scale ROG on-site event since the beginning of the pandemic, giving fans a chance to check out the brand’s latest gaming lineup in person.

    The lineup at the event includes the latest AMD X670E series motherboards, AIO coolers, PSU, displays, networking products, and peripherals.

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    Here’s a quick rundown of the new ASUS ROG gaming lineup at Gamescom 2022:

    ROG Crosshair X670E Gene

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    ROG Strix X670E-I Gaming WiFi

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    ASUS ProArt X670E- Creator WiFi

    ROG Loki SFX-L 850W Platinum

    ROG Swift OLED PG42UQ / PG48UQ

    ROG Swift PG27UQR and Strix XG32UQ / XG32AQ

    ROG Rapture GT6

    ROG Rapture GT-AXE16000

    ROG Keris Wireless AimPoint

    ROG Gladius III Wireless AimPoint

    ROG Cetra True Wireless Pro

    ROG Cetra True Wireless

    Along with these products, ROG released its first music single “Reality” which is sung by voice actor and musician Troy Baker. He is known among gamers for his roles in video games like The Last of Us and Uncharted series.

    As for the gaming lineup, pricing and availability will be announced soon.

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