Hammer Jam Upgrade Carnival is Coming Again! A Preview of Town Hall 15?

Clash of Clans Hammer Jam happens this Sept 28th to Oct 10th, 2022

Clash of Clans(COC) has long been favored by players. Recently, a brand new event was launched by Clash of Clans official immediately after the 10th COC anniversary events. The Hammer Jam upgrade carnival was open from September 27th to October 10th during which players can enjoy 50% off on all home village building time and resource consumption. So why not seize the opportunity to upgrade your clan and reinforce its strength! More than that, there is a game revision trailer hidden in the promotion video! Is this secret Easter Egg telling us that the brand new Town Hall 15 will show up? Let’s find it out!

Don’t miss the Hammer Jam upgrade carnival!

Hammer Jam upgrade carnival is coming! The Easter Egg of CG predicts the advent of game revision

Recently the Hammer Jam upgrade carnival is open during which players can enjoy 50% off on all upgrading costs! In the newly revealed CG, all the heroes are waiting for the builder to get up! It is supposed to be the time that the builder would get up, but he keeps sleeping. And something is wrong with his clock, the hands of which stand at the nummber 1 and 5. The official fans club also uploaded a post of the broken clock. It seems everything is indicating the mysterious number 15! Is this the sign that the long expected Town Hall 15 is coming?

Clash of Clans: Hammer Jam upgrade carnival 2022! Get up builder, don’t sleep on it!

The numbers pointed by the hands of the broken clock seem to indicate something?

The last challenge of Town Hall 14, first exposure of brand new Town Hall 15

With all the trailers revealed, Clash of Clans official released the time-limited challenge of Town Hall 14. How many challenges can your clan complete? Though the detail timeline of game update has not been announced yet, all the leaders can first complete the Town Hall 14 challenge, and the Town Hall 15 is just around the corner!
In the first exposed visual graphic, the powerful Town Hall 15 is draped in a mysterious purple and golden coat, which looks low-profile and fantastic. What new functions are added in the Town Hall 15 with the Magic theme? And what extra strength will the new Town Hall be able to provide for the overall clan? With more information revealed, a brand new Clash of Clans that players long expected will kick off!
The Town Hall 15 is coming:

Rapid fire Q&A of global creators, their answers of the either/or questions are surprising!?

The important revision of the world famous game Clash of Clans follows a rapid fire Q&A session participated by globally invited video and audio content creators. Facing the camera, they had to choose from the struggling either/or options, such as “Clash of Clans or Clash Royale”, “Clash of Clans or one million dollars cash”, etc. All the questions are testing whether the creators keep loyal to COC for the past decade facing the temptation of wealth. Let’s check out their surprising Q&A sessions!


Clash of Clans: fun rapid fire Q&A of Clash creators

The official fans club will release more revision contents bit by bit, so players, don’t miss the Hammer Jam event, and the follow-up revision contents will be richer and more fascinating. What new game play will be showcased after the comprehensive Town Hall 15 revision? Stay tuned to the COC offical fans club on Facebook and COC official Youtube channel where the latest and full information will be announced soon. Come back to your clan to build it up!