Magic: The Gathering ‘March of the Machine’ card preview – Omen Hawker

Here another preview card sent over by our friends from Wizards of the Coast – Magic: The Gathering's new Omen Hawker.

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Part four of Magic: The Gathering’s Phyrexian arc is at its endgame with March of the Machine. Before we check out the preview card, let’s look back at the significant events that happened with the story!

The Story so Far (spoilers below)

The story is nearing its end game and actually picks up on a very strong note at the beginning where we see Ajani beheading Sheoldred because of his disobedience to Elesh Norn – who’s plans are almost coming to fruition.

If that news is devastating, if any of you are fans of the Moon Sage Tamiyo and the cat-loving commander Lukka (both are already completed planeswalkers in the previous stories), it might make your heart drop you that they also fell to Elesh Norn’s bidding. Tamiyo met her demise while in front of her adopted son and Lukka, well, met a fitting end as he was consumed by Vadrok, a dinosaur cat. So yeah, looks like there are really some permanent consequences for our beloved characters.

The story continues with Chandra and Wrenn and their goal of merging the latter to Realmbreaker – the Phyrexian World Tree, a main source of that glistening oil that can corrupt anyone or anything with a single drop. They actually succeeded which resulted in the card you see above. Not to bad for a low-cost planeswalker if you ask me. You can check out the lore in more detail here but as the way things are happening right now, March of the Machine’s story is culminating at a fever pitch.

Magic: The Gathering ‘March of the Machine’ card preview – Omen Hawker

And on that note, UnGeek has another preview card sent over by our friends from Wizards of the Coast. Check out Omen Hawker!


Magic: The Gathering’s new card Omen Hawker (card art by Josh Hass) is a 1/1 blue uncommon ‘Cephalid Advisor’ that’s 1 blue mana to cast. This card has the unique ability not so much seen in blue in which he can serve as a “mana dork” that can provide a blue and a colorless when using an activated ability from another permanent card.

‘March of the Machine’ Pre-release and official release date

Pre-release events will start of from April 14 to April 20, with an official release at your friendly local games stores on April 21.

‘March of the Machine’ will be available in the regular 16-card Draft Boosters, Set Boosters, Collector Boosters, 5 Commander Decks that feature a unique “Planechase” cards that adds new locations to the popular variant.

Additionally, along with welcome packs, Jumpstart boosters for March of the Machine will also be available as their way of easing the entry to newer players.

As paper Magic is coming back into full swing, it is greatly encouraged to head out to your FLGS. You can use this handy store locator to find a place that handles Magic: The Gathering near you, observing health protocols, of course.

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