Elaine of KoMETA Virtual Live announces her graduation due to health reasons

Elaine of KoMETA Virtual Live announced her Graduation due to her health concerns as she will step down from VTubing to recover.

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Over these last two months, we have bid many farewells as many Virtual talents graduated and moved on in their careers, and it appears we have a hat trick of months of graduations as Elaine of KoMETA Virtual Live announced her upcoming graduation on May 8, 2023. This was announced via KoMETA’s social media accounts last Wednesday.

KoMETA Virtual Live disclosed the reason behind Elaine’s decision to graduate, stating that due to several concerns about her health and her recent diagnosis of diabetes, as stated above, they have agreed that graduation is necessary for her to manage the symptoms.

Also, due to those health issues that include a spine injury and deafness in her left ear, Elaine’s activities were affected, requiring her to take some time off to recover. Despite all of those hurdles, Elaine did not stop making music as she both wrote and sang her original songs namely Starlit Ride and Nakaukit.

She also did song covers, a notable example is her cover of Kanaria’s QUEEN.

Elaine is from KoMETA Virtual Live and part of its first generation of VTubers, along with her Gen-mates Miria and Virgil. KoMETA is the first Filipino VTuber Corporation in the Philippines and is also inviting aspiring virtual talents to join their company for both their Gen 2 talents and Male division.