Xbox: Pinoy players are the most active on PC Game Pass in SEA

Following its release last year, Xbox revealed interesting stats about PC Game Pass in SEA, including how Pinoy players are the most active.

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Following its release last year, Xbox revealed interesting stats about PC Game Pass in Southeast Asia, including how Pinoy players are the most active. Along with these stats, Xbox also announced special promos to celebrate Game Pass’ anniversary in the region.

PC Game Pass was released in SEA last year, giving fans in the region access to Xbox’s gaming subscription service. Thanks to this, Game Pass members have doubled in Asia as a whole in the last two years.

As for SEA PC Game Pass subscribers, Xbox revealed that Pinoy players had the most hours played on average, meaning the Philippines has quickly become a key market for the service.

Meanwhile, another interesting stat is that the most popular types of games in the region are cross-platform multiplayer online co-op titles. These include games like Grounded and Sea of Thieves

Plus, the past year has seen get 12 million achievements. Given this, expect even more achievements to be unlocked in the next year.

“We’ve come a long way since we launched the PC Game Pass in SEA a year ago – this one-year anniversary is a celebration of all the support that Xbox has received from our SEA players. We are at the forefront of the world’s most exciting art form and games are truly powerful in connecting people across borders, languages, and different cultures. Our work only comes to life because of the joy that our players experience and here in Southeast Asia, you have made our passion even stronger. We remain committed to improving your gaming experience here in the region and this is why we are so excited to bring in new accessories to the region and to continue making great games available with PC Game Pass. Beyond that, we are also committed to supporting local SEA developers through our ID@Xbox program. We want to empower gaming developers to create games that are local and unique to their culture,” said Jeremy Hinton, Asia Business Director, Xbox.

To celebrate PC Game Pass’ major milestone in the region, Xbox announced the Xbox Game Pass friend invitation for current Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PC Game Pass members. With this, members can give friends a 14-day PC Game Pass trial so they can try out the various multiplayer titles on the service.

Finally, Xbox is officially releasing the Xbox Wireless Controllers for the first time in the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. While Xbox controllers have been available in these countries, now is the first time that they will be brought officially by Xbox, meaning they should get better support and warranties.

For more info on PC Game Pass visit the official website. And if you haven’t subscribed yet and are interested, here’s a quick guide:

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