Diablo Immortal: Blood Knight to debut as the game’s 7th playable class

The Blood Knights are coming to Diablo Immortal this Thursday!

Diablo Immortal players are in for a treat as the 7th playable class, the Blood Knight, will be playable in the game beginning this Thursday, July 13.

The Blood Knight is coming in the next update for the game that releases very soon, and it will be playable on iOS and Android devices. And the best part is, the new class will be available to all players for free.

To get a better idea of what to expect with this new class, check out Blizzard’s Dev Update on the Blood Knight here:


The Blood Knights are a new class that are trained in an ancient spearfighting style mastered by their order in Gea Kul.

This new addition to Immortal is a melee hybrid class that devours the lifeblood of enemies and entraps them with summoned shadows. Players who love a fast-paced playstyle will feel right at home with the Blood Knight, and the new class’s skills are as follows:

  • Shadow’s Edge: a primary attack that either performs a slash or throws a dagger.
  • Swarm of Bats: summons a cloud of bats to deal damage and move on command.
  • Siphon Blood: steals health from enemies all around.
  • Abomination: kills enemies and absorbs their blood to become more powerful, adding Blood Rush and Shattering Fist skills
  • Skewer: impales a foe and stuns nearby enemies.
  • Mephitic Cloud: shadowy mists cause enemies’ vision to be blurred.

Meanwhile, the update will also add a quest where a corrupted Blood Knight has gone rogue and must be stopped. In this quest, players must experience the rituals that transform the accursed into Blood Knights.

While the Blood Knight is the highlight of the update, it also brings a range of upgrades for all classes. For starters, there are more weapon slots for all classes, meaning players can now equip two sets of weapons at the same time. In total, there will be eight primary gear slots and eight possible Legendary Gem slots.

The update will also add combat stances where each set of weapons will provide a stance. Players can also get different stance effects when switching weapons while in combat.

For more info on the Blood Knight in Diablo Immortal along with the update, visit the official Blizzard blog.