Nier: Automata x Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is now live

The update adds 2B, A2, and Pascal as playable characters!

Following its reveal a few weeks ago, the Goddess of Victory: NIKKE x Nier: Automata collab is finally live now, and it adds three popular faces from Square Enix’s action RPG as recruitable characters.

Specifically, the new collab event adds androids 2B and A2 as playable characters, though fans will need to have luck on their side to get them in the gacha. Along with these two, the event also adds Pascal as a free character that players can get simply by attending the “Memories of: Automata” log-in event. On top of Pascal, players can also get a bunch of other gifts, including an avatar frame of YoRHa.

While only three Nier characters are playable in NIKKE, 9S will make an appearance, albeit as an NPC in the new story.

What’s interesting about this collab is that 2B is the second time that voice actress Yui Ishikawa appears in NIKKE as she is also the voice of Rapi.


This isn’t the first collab for NIKKE as the popular shooter also collaborated with the popular anime Chainsaw Man a few months ago. But this time, instead of an anime, NIKKE teamed up with an RPG that’s beloved by many gamers.

Meanwhile, this also isn’t the first collab for Nier: Automata as the game has gotten numerous game crossovers throughout the years, including with titles such as Brave Exvius, Final Fantasy XIV, and even Rainbow Six Siege.

The NIKKE x Nier: Automata collab is live now until September 27, 2023. For more info, visit the official website.