OPPO shares design philosophy of Find N3 Flip’s outer screen

Here's how OPPO designed its new foldable's large cover screen.

OPPO is hyping up the release of its new Find N3 Flip foldable by sharing some interesting details about its design and screen. Specifically, details were shared about the guiding principles in designing their cover cover display

The previous-generation OPPO foldable (the Find N2 Flip) had the largest cover screen of any flip phone at the time, kickstarting a trend of having larger cover screens for models from other brands.

Now, OPPO is bringing back the large cover screen thanks to its design philosophy that’s anchored by a focus on verticality, as well as app compatibility.

To start, given that there has been a push to make cover displays bigger, OPPO had two options: follow the trend or go with their existing focus on verticality. OPPO decided that the latter was the better option.

Why is it better? For starters, having a vertical cover display means selfie previews can be seen with virtually no cropping as users will be able to see the entire frame. If the phone had a square display, selfies may have to be cropped to give a full view. Having this is great as taking selfies without the need to flip the phone up is a key feature of any cover screen.

The cover screen’s verticality is also a key feature when it comes to app use. After all, smartphones are all used vertically in day-to-day use, so having a vertical cover screen looks more natural, not to mention that it displays more information. Specifically, a vertical screen means you’ll see more complete social media posts and other updates.

To complement this, OPPO’s other key consideration for the Find N3 Flip’s cover screen is app compatibility. Leading up to the phone’s launch, OPPO has been working with the likes Google to fine-tune the experience for apps so that supported apps can be properly displayed on the cover screen.

Right out of the gate, the Find N3 Flip will support various Google apps, as well as social media, video, streaming, and delivery apps. While there’s no official list yet, OPPO promises that its new foldable will have a lot of cover screen-compatible apps, with more to come in the future.

The OPPO Find N3 Flip will get a global launch event on October 19. For now, there’s no word yet on pricing and availability information in the Philippines.