Persona 3 Reload reveals new artwork for the protagonist, Yukari, and Junpei

New details about the game's Dorm Life and enhanced Social Links.

Atlus continues to share new info for Persona 3 Reload, the latest being new artwork of the protagonist, Yukari, and Junpei that show off their updated designs.

Along with these, there are also new details revealed regarding the game’s Dorm Life aspect, as well as screenshots of the updated visuals for the various Social Links in the game.

To start, here’s a look at the Persona 3 Reload Protagonist in his updated battle outfit, as well as a look at artwork of his first Persona, Orpheus:

Next, here’s a look at Yukari Takeba’s new look for Tartarus, as well as her Persona Io:

Rounding out the new character art is Junpei Iori with his updated look along with his Persona Hermes:

Dorm Life in Persona 3 Reload

Atlus also shared some new screenshots that show the various activities players can do while in the Dorm. Specifically, players can spend the night cooking, studying, watching DVDs, and gardening, among others.

The player can also hang out with friends. These various activities can boost certain Stats which give nifty bonuses. They’re also important fo Social Links.

Social Links: Now Fully Voiced and Feature Updated Art

Finally, Atlus shared some screenshots that show the various Social Link characters. Aside from updated scenes, all of these are also fully voiced in the remake.

Here’s a handy list of the Social Link characters that were revealed:

  • Kenji Tomochika
  • Nozomi Suemitsu
  • Kazushi Miyamoto
  • Yuko Nishiwaki
  • Hidetoshi Odagiri
  • Chihiro Fushimi
  • Keisuke Hiraga
  • Bebe

Persona 3 Reload will be released on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on February 2, 2024.