Chucky slashes his way to Dead by Daylight as its new killer

Chucky is heading to Dead By Daylight for the game's latest collab.

Behaviour adds another classic horror character to its ever-growing roster of killers as Child’s Play’s Chucky makes his way to Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight’s trailer for the chapter “Chucky” confirms its release date of this collab, and it will land this November 28, 2023 — perfect for the holiday season.

What makes this collaboration even more special is Brad Dourif will again provide the voice of the iconic killer doll. Dead by Daylight also revealed information about Charles Lee Ray or Chucky’s development on their blog. as well as the challenges they had to consider during the planning stage of his implementation.

On the blog, they shared that taking into consideration that Chucky has a small stature compared to other killers, it was almost impossible for him to carry and hook the survivors. Fortunately, the team found a way to integrate Chucky’s size in the game, all while keeping the game mechanics intact and honoring the character’s spirit by inviting Brad Dourif back.

Chucky’s gameplay will revolve around stealth and speed, using his minuscule size to his advantage by hiding behind obstacles and lunging at an unsuspecting Survivor.

Of course, outfits will also be added to the game for Chucky, including “The Good Gal” cosmetic, letting players swap Chucky for Tiffany. This outfit does not only give an aesthetic change for the Good Guy but it will also include a new voice-over,. Jennifer Tilly will also reprise her role as the Bride of Chucky.

Along with the new Dead by Daylight chapter Chucky on November 28, another licensed Killer will return on Dead by Daylight this month with the Stranger Things DLC chapter rerun.

Source: Dead by Daylight