Toge Productions Strengthens Creative Forces with Mojiken Studio Acquisition

Stronger Toge-ther!

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In an exiting turn of events, Toge Productions (Coffee Talk, A Space for the Unbound) announced the acquisition of Mojiken Studio, strengthening a long-standing partnership between the two.


From Toge Productions:

Stronger Toge-ther!

Toge Productions, an indie game developer and publisher from Indonesia, is excited to announce that it has finalized the acquisition of Mojiken Studio in a deal valued at around 25 billion rupiah. This strategic move solidifies a decade-long partnership and marks a significant milestone for both entities.


In this acquisition, Toge Productions gains full ownership of Mojiken Studio’s intellectual property, including its standout title, A Space for the Unbound, which has been newly nominated for the Games for Impact category in The Game Awards 2023. Mojiken Studio will retain its unique branding, ensuring a seamless transition for its rising identity and fanbase in the indie gaming community.

The decision to merge is rooted in over a decade of collaboration, founded on shared values and mutual trust. This integration aims to streamline game development processes, where Mojiken can focus more on fostering innovation, maintaining high-quality standards, and crafting genuine experiences for players all over the world.

Toge Productions hopes with this combined forces with Mojiken, they will continue to advance the Indonesian game industry’s growth. This acquisition also underscores the commitment of Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio to elevate creativity and innovation in the gaming industry.


Kris Antoni, founder and CEO of Toge Productions, expresses his excitement, “Toge Productions and Mojiken Studio have shared a remarkable synergy over the past decade. This acquisition is an opportunity to amplify our collaborative strengths and produce exceptional works.”

Eka Pramudita Muharram, co-founder of Mojiken Studio, who is now taking a role as project manager in the company, shares his high hopes for this integration, “I am both relieved and hopeful about the projects Toge and Mojiken will undertake together. My hope is that this acquisition strengthens the collaboration built over a decade, enabling us to create even more unique and high-quality gaming experiences. Together, we are stronger!”


Stronger Toge-ther indeed! I can’t wait what new and amazing titles they will come in the foreseeable future! Kudos and more power!


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