Hololive terminates their contract with Yozora Mel of 1st generation

Now this is sad news for long-time Hololive fans.

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We’re still halfway through January 2024, but we already have two well-known VTubers from the major agencies saying their farewell this month as Cover Corp. announced that they have terminated their contract with Yozora Mel of Hololive First Generation due to a breach of contract.

In the official statement, Yozora Mel’s violation was due to her leaking company information to third parties. Thus, due to this behavior, they determined that they could not continue supporting her and decided to end her contract.

They continued thanking the fans and partners for their support throughout Mel’s activities as part of its Hololive first generation, which spanned over five years and eight months. Due to her being part of the first generation and her long-time activities with the company, Yozora Mel is considered to be a veteran member of Hololive.

But in the same statement, Cover Corp. made it clear that they take breach of contracts seriously, thus they have terminated their contract with Yozora Mel. They also stated that they would take the necessary steps to inform the remaining talents to avoid such incidents from occurring again.

Meanwhile, Yozora Mel’s YouTube channel will be closed by the end of February 2024. There won’t be any graduation stream due to contract termination.

Although, the recent statement was a bit brief, a similar incident also occurred that led to the termination of Uruha Rushia of their Hololive Third Generation, as she engaged in activities that leaked company information and spread false information, causing reputational damage to the company.

Following the livestream of the remaining Gen 1 members regarding this incident, Mel left a message for her fans through X (Twitter). There, she thanked her fans, and said that she regrets her actions that led to her abrupt farewell.

Yozora Mel is part of Hololive’s first generation, debuting with Aki Rosenthal, Natsuiro Matsuri, Shirakami Fubuki, and Akai Haato. Her notable unit of which she’s part is the Melty Kiss, with Yuzuki Choco of Hololive Gen 2, forming the two-person unit.