Houshou Marine reaches three million subscriber milestone

Marine is officially Japan's biggest VTuber!

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Houshou Marine of Hololive Japan has reached the Three Million Subscriber milestone, making her one of the most subscribed VTubers in Japan, along with industry legend Kizuna Ai.

It was only a matter of time for Marine to reach the landmark as a week before, she was already just shy away from the three million subscriber count.

Thus, on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, much like with other VTubers in general and probably a Hololive tradition at this point, she hosted a karaoke livestream to officially reach the three-million count.

But not even an hour had passed on her stream, and she already reached the goal. A similar occurrence happened during Holo ID’s Kobo Kanaeru two million countdown stream, although in Kobo’s case, the stream had not even started yet when she reached the milestone.

Going back to Marine, despite reaching the goal, her livestream did not end as it went on for about three hours, with the subscriber count going higher and ending at about 3,012,518. Though one decided to unsubscribe before she could officially end the stream, officially making the ending count as 3,012,517 at the ending time of that particular stream.

Although Marine is not the first to reach three million and the most subscribed VTuber in Japan, with both achievements being held by Kizuna Ai before her hiatus. With Marine’s current number of subscribers, she now surpassed the VTuber legend. She’s also the second most subscribed member of Hololive as a whole now, with Gawr Gura holding the first place with a 4.42 million subscriber count.