Murders at Karlov Manor Preview Card | Repulsive Mutation

A quick creature boost AND a counterspell in one Simic card? Yes please!

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Murders at Karlov Manor is the first standard set releasing in 2024 for Magic: The Gathering. The expansion returns to a fan-favorite plane in Ravnica, but this time centering on a murder-mystery flavor.

Along with the new investigation-fueled theme, the set also introduces the Play Booster, which combines the pack-opening (and smelling?) experience of the Set Booster and draft-ability of Limited Play as it also functions as a draft booster – effectively getting the best of both worlds!

Check out the product lineup that you can get that’s associated with the set:

  • Prerelease Pack
  • Play Booster
  • Collector Booster
  • Commander Decks (4 different decks)
  • Bundle
  • Ravnica: Cluedo Edition

And with that, UnGeek is happy to share another preview card for Murders at Karlov Manor sent to us by our friends from Wizards of the Coast!

Take a look at Repulsive Mutation:

Art by Filip Burburan.


Repulsive Mutation is an uncommon Simic (Green/Blue) card at instant speed that has a variable cost of X which gives a +1/+1 counter on a creature depending on how much additional mana you pump into it. Pretty handy to have in a snap which is not something surprising coming from green though the second trick up its sleeve actually comes from blue – a color known for manipulation and control.

The second ability is an effective but situational counterspell which makes the card more desirable to plan “in response” to an opponents casting since you really want to maximize the card’s potential. Perfect for putting on the stack then setting up for a swing on the next turn!

I mean, what’s better than boosting your creature’s attack and defense? Attaching a “nope” to your opponents for good measure.

Good as it sounds, you also need to consider if your opponent can cancel it by paying mana equal to the greatest power of one of your creature. So a good tip would be to check your opponent’s board and mana state first but due to the ‘instant’ nature of the card and that it gives a permanent power boost before the counter, chances are high you’ll be more than likely to resolve all of its effect.

Here’s some notable dates to take note for Murders at Karlov Manor:

  • Prerelease Events: February 2-8, 2024
  • Global Tabletop Release: February 9, 2024

Are you ready to investigate the Murders at Karlov Manor? The set is officially coming out on February 9, 2024. You can use Wizards of the Coast’s  store locator to find an LGS near you!



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