Todd Howard confirms Starfield Year 2 and second Premium Expansion

Bethesda still has big plans for Starfield in the coming years.

Ahead of the Shattered Space expansion’s release, Todd Howard confirmed that Starfield Year 2 is happening and that another Premium Expansion is in the works

To be exact, Howard revealed plans for Starfield’s future in a discussion with MrMattyPlays. To be exact, Howard mentioned that while Shattered Space hasn’t been released yet, the team at Bethesda is already planning another Premium Expansion, plus Starfield Year 2 updates are in the pipeline.

You can check out the video here for more details:

Ahead of its release, Starfield had a lot of hype behind it given that it’s the next big game from Bethesda after Fallout 4. While the game got positive reviews, it’s fair to say that Starfield didn’t exactly become the big hit like Skyrim or Fallout 4 was. In fact, the player count dropped to below Skyrim and Fallout 4 earlier this year.

Even though the game wasn’t as big as Bethesda’s previous titles, it seems that the studio still has big plans for it which is great news for fans. After all, there’s still potential for Starfield to gain a bigger playerbase as other games with rocky launches still became big hits (No Man’s Sky comes to mind).

Plus, Howard said in the discussion that one of their regrets with Skyrim and Fallout 4 was that they dropped support fairly early, so this is a good indication that Starfield will be supported for years to come.