Sunday, October 25, 2020
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Ten and Back again | The Best Video Games of the...

Our definite gaming must-haves.

Undertale is Heading to the PlayStation 4 and Vita

But wait there's more! The popular Indie RPG Undertale, will be ported to both the PlayStation 4 and Vita. And it will come with a beautiful collectors edition.

MEDIOCRE MONSTER makes a Huge Splash in the Gaming Scene

If you've played a lot of these games, you'd be familiar with battling random monsters as you grind of XP and cash. Mediocre Monster turns that on its head and gives you an unusual RPG experience by letting you play the role of - you guessed it - a mediocre monster... and the concept is simply AWESOME.

ICYMI: STEAM’s LUNAR YEAR SALE makes sure your Game Library is...

In case you missed it, The LUNAR NEW YEAR STEAM SALE went LIVE over the weekend and it has OVER 9,000 GAMES FOR SALE! You best take advantage of it if you're planning to buy something because it only lasts until FEBRUARY 12, 10AM PST.
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