Thursday, October 22, 2020
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‘Gravity Rush 2’ Releases Today! Join Kat for Another Gravity-Shifting Adventure!

Gravity Queen Kat returns in Gravity Rush 2 to embark on another dizzying adventure where sometimes falling can feel like flying!

Turn Your World Upside Down, Sometimes Sideways | Gravity Rush 2...

Will the first big game of 2017 take off or crash land?

ESGS 2016 Spotlight: “The Art Of Tengami” by Ryo Agarie

Inspiring stories often have a simple beginning. The captivating journey to pursue one's dream... Encourages those who hear of them, spurring them to take on challenges of their own. Such is the opportunity we had at ESGS 2016 with one of Tengami creators Ryo Agarie.
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