Niantic Labs just released a new version of Pokemon Go for Android (0.33.0) and iOS (1.3.0).


Several key improvements have been deployed:

Left: Change Nickname, Right: New Nearby
  • Allows you to change Trainers nickname, but this is a one time only chance. So change wisely!
  • Fix on bug for Pokeball throws bonus awards for “Nice”, “Great” and “Excellent”.
  • Made improvements to the accuracy of curveball throw. Curveballs gives extra XPs, read more here.
  • Resolved issue and re-enabled ‘battery saver’ mode in iOS.
  • New visuals for Team Leaders Candela, Blanche and Spark.
  • Fixed display of Medal icons.
  • Added a dialog reminder when there is a certain increases speed that Trainers should not be playing while driving. Trainers are asked to click a button to confirm that they are not driving (similar feature of Waze).
  • A few users might experience some change in their Nearby screen. This is limited release for a subset of users.


There you go! To know more about the update visit GooglePlay and Apple AppStore.

To learn more about the game and to get to know the tricks and tools of the trade, you can check out these articles:

Pokemon Hi-5 Wave

  • Pokegirl

    Is it possible to build pokestop and gym near my place?

    • Michelle Santos

      Hi. As of now, Niantic Labs are not not accepting submissions for new PokéStops or Gyms.
      Read more here:

  • Ash.Vaidya

    Hi there!!! Can you please let us know when it will be officially coming to India? We have been waiting for this since a pretty long time now.

    • Michelle Santos

      Hello, Ash.

      As of now there is no word yet from Niantic Labs regarding the release in India, Korea and China. As soon as we have information, we will post it to our site.


  • Anand

    Hi will it be available for Windows phone in the near future or not

    • Michelle Santos

      Hello, Anand.

      From what we have gathered, Niantic Labs is focusing on stabilizing the game in Android and iOS. There is no specific date yet for Windows, but based on interviews and articles, Niantic Labs haven’t have closed it’s doors to Windows platform.

  • Pokegirl

    Is there a way now to build new pokestop near our place? When it will be available then?