Check out the Overwatch heroes as Cats in “Katsuwatch”! Purrrrrrfect!

Cats as Overwatch Characters?? How adorably cute!!


Set in the Hanarmura (Objective B) map, check-out this video by Youtuber Dillion Gu (dillongoo), where he created a 3D-video of the intro of Overwatch Offense-based characters as adorably cute cats. No words can better explain this so just watch the video HERE!


It was reported that Dillion Gu plans to continue the “Katsuwatch” series with the rest of the Overwatch characters using Blender 3D. For sure, we can expect purrrfect renditions of our favorite Overwatch characters as delightful cats.

Oh, he also sells his wonderful creations as merch! Visit his store to know more.


Among the five who is your favorite? Take your pick from Furrah (Pharah), MeowCree (McCree), Chaser (Traser), Whisker: 76 (Soldier 76), Clawmbra (Sombra), Reapurr (Reaper), and Kittenji (Genji), and write them at the comments section!

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