This is the trailer we’ve been waiting for! Unofficial and clearly fan-made (read the description in his video), this supertrailer is made from previous trailers, tv spots and other footages scattered over the net (and all over various markets).

Is it EPIC? You bet your midiclorean-less ass it is!

It shows various action points, lightsaber duel (freakingly scary lightsaber action…not the lightsaber dance-off from episodes 1-3) and (finally) a footage of that one Jedi we’ve been longing to see.

Luke no further! (Sorry, couldn't help it. :p)
Luke no further! (Sorry, couldn’t help it. :p)

ZOMG, right? If you haven’t seen this amazingly epic trailer, I suggest you strap on to your seats and enjoy this superb creation by Alex Luthor or otherwise known as Epic Fan-Made Trailer Maker.


Star Wars the Force Awakens opens on December 17, 2015 nationwide.



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