How to find ALL the Magical Spells and Weapons in the Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo

FFXV, short game it may be, has a lot of cool stuff to find. In light of this, we've created this short guide for you to find all the Magical Items and Weapons in Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo.

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Last week, Final Fantasy fans and gamers got a huge surprise when Square-Enix announced the release date for their upcoming game Final Fantasy XV (You can check out UnGeek’s highlights of the event here)


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One of the best things uncovered at the event was a downloadable demo for their upcoming game. Though a bit on the short side, there are still some cool stuff to find that you might have missed the first time. There is also one hidden weapon in the game that makes beating the Final Boss a lot easier. So we’ve created this short guide for you to find all the Magical Items and Weapons in Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo.

Of course, those who don’t want to be spoiled might want to finish the demo first then check back here afterwards… Still with me? Ok here it goes:


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Weapons: Radiant Sword, Shining Hammer
For these weapons you need to have access to unlock the Silver Plates. Just collect 100 crystal shards and you’re all set. Don’t worry; you won’t have any trouble getting 250 shards or more before leaving the dining room area.


The locations are as follows:

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Radiant Sword – It is found near the stack of books in the dining room table, between the column and a box.


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Shining Hammer – As soon as you enter the next area AFTER the dining room, head left and take the set of stairs to the right and keep going straight.


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Spells: Thunder Bolt, Rain Drop

Same as above, you need to have unlocked the Silver Plates to get these spells. Here are the areas to which you can find them:


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Thunder Bolt – It is found on top of the dining table next to the candle.


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Rain Drop – From where you got the Shining Hammer, just turn around, take the stairs on your right side, and head up the next set of steps. You will see the Rain Drop spell to your right.


Meteor Rain

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Meteor Rain, on the other hand, requires Gold Plates and to do that you just need to get 250 crystal shards. Again, you can get all of the shards you need before leaving the dining room location.


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Meteor Rain can be found right after getting Rain Drop, just head up the next flight of stairs and you will see 3 Gold Plates in front you. Meteor Rain is found on the left most plate.


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Hidden Weapons – Hero Shield and Cross Shuriken

For these items you need to have done 3 things:

  1. Collect at least 100 Crystal Shards
  2. Defeated the Lvl. 1 Iron Giant once (To unlock the Platinum Plates)
  3. Let the fight last long enough for Carbuncle to give you the Warp-Strike ability


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Once you’ve done this, just find the center section of the Citadel and use warp strike to go as high as you can to drop off the center balcony. The Hero Shield and Cross Shuriken can be found there!


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And there you have it! Final Fantasy XV releases September 30, 2016 and I honestly can’t wait for this! Good thing there’s this demo, an ongoing anime, and an upcoming full-length movie to watch out for in the near future!