Pokémon GO Update Details (9-17-2016)


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    Stop the Press! Niantic Labs released a new update of the Pokémon GO app for Android (0.37.1) and iOS (1.7.1) this morning. And from the looks of it, the Pokémon GO Plus takes center stage!

    Based on the developer release notes, the new update includes the following:

    • Added a quick help when first connecting to Pokémon GO Plus
    • Pokémon GO Plus stability improvement
    • Minor text fixes
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    Other than those features, there were no mention of fixing or unblocking the rooted or jailbroken devices from the game, which was enforced with the app update last week.

    You may download the new update via…

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    Download on the App Store

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    1. Dont block rooted or jailbreak phone just do somehing using fake gps and fly gps and bot using pc im a rooted phone but im a player play pokemon go fair please back it to the normal so we can play again just detect the fake gps and fly gps so they cant play it so they can play fair to


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