Show your love for Final Fantasy XV by rocking these FFXV-themed Audio Peripherals from Sony!

How does the famed son of Lucis listen to his music? In style, sir. In Style. Check these FFXV themed Walkman, Headset and Bluetooth speakers from Sony!

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A new PlayStation 4 Slim skin and an uber limited edition luxury car have been born out of the Final Fantasy XV hype. Now, the merchandising efforts of FFXV gives us various game-themed audio peripherals care of, who else, Sony!

So if you want to show everyone that your Final Fantasy love, you should definitely check out these limited-edition FFXV-themed Walkman, Headphones, and Speakers.



The A-Series Walkman with Hi-Res audio support comes in signature matte black finish –fitting the color garb of the Royal family of Lucis– with etched details of Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, and Gladiolus all in their 8-bit super chibi glory! The Headset and Bluetooth speaker, in similar matte-black fashion, also comes with FFXV design details.


You’ll need this when you need to push your dead car in the middle of nowhere. Music helps, people.




The Sony FFXV Walkman is reportedly priced at around 33,880 Yen (or roughly Php 15,000) for the 16G model with the MDR-100A Sony FFXV Headset at 29,380 Yen (or roughly Php 13,000). The guys from Square Enix and Sony are offering Walkman owners a chance to purchase the Hi-Res Audio of the Final Fantasy XV soundtrack as well for 6,000 Yen (or roughly Php 2,700).

While we know that the product is not being offered in North America and Europe, we’re asking the guys at Sony Philippines if we’ll ever get to see this here (the line is currently reported being offered in Japan only). We’ll update this article when we get any sort of confirmation. For now, take comfort in the fact that you’re not compelled to shell out your hard-earned cash (yet) and listen to the soothing sounds from Florence + the Machine on your non FFXV-themed audio equipment.

Final Fantasy XV releases worldwide today, November 29, 2016!