Check Out This One-of-a-Kind Real-World Final Fantasy XV Car by Audi!

And when we say one-of-a-kind, there really is only one of these bad boys rolling out soon!

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In anticipation of that much-awaited game you might have heard about (hint: Final Fantasy XV), Audi Japan, in collaboration with the Final Fantasy XV team, will be releasing a very special version of the Audi R8 alongside the game’s release date. Take a look at the “Audi R8 Star of Lucis” which also appeared in Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV.














Interested? The ride will set you back 50,000,015 Yen or roughly US$469,256 (P22,930,429 to those in the Philippines) But even though you have the extra dosh to spend, you might still miss grabbing this sweet ride… Why, you say? Well apparently, they are giving interested buyers a “chance to purchase” raffle, where only the winner can purchase this one-of-a-kind vehicle.

Those who want to participate in the raffle can enter starting November 21 at 10:00am in Japan.



Wow! To the lucky buyer who got this… This will be the only one they’re rolling out there once the game releases on November 30! So I say congratulations to the future owner in advance!

Check out the video below:


Bonus Knowledge Round!


As an added bit of info, this is not the first time Final Fantasy did something with real-world cars in mind… Way back in 1999, they did a pre-order promo for Final Fantasy 8 where you can win one of four 2000 Toyota Echoes as part of their “pre-sale sweepstakes”

Ah. Video games and cars.


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