The Steam Winter sale is live and it is out for your almost empty wallets!

We've got a list and we're checking it twice to see if the games we like are included in the Steam Winter sale! Get your wallets ready folks, Lord Gaben has come to collect what is due to him!

It’s that time of the year again, winter has come and Lord Gaben smells leftover money still lying around from the bonuses and incentives you got from a year of hard work. What better way to reward yourself by purchasing a ton of new games that you won’t get to play because you don’t have enough time! That’s right folks, the Steam Winter sale is here and it is out to absolutely murder what’s left of our wallet after the frantic holiday season!

Steam is notorious for these sales, allowing us gamers to purchase top notch titles for an affordable price. Often times, people scramble to be first in line so that they can purchase the item they want before stocks run out. In the case of Steam sales, you will most likely run out of cash first before you get to purchase all the games that you want! A quick peek at the top sellers page yields these results:

Immediately, I can see a LOT of games that I’m interested in! There’s the Witcher 3 GOTY edition for a little over 1,000php, Dark Souls 3 as well for 1,050php, and Deus Ex Mankind Divided for 857.67php! This is just a taste of what’s in store, there are over a thousand titles on sale for very cheap prices and you can even get games for as low as 40-50php!

Over at Ungeek, we’ve got some personal favorites on sale too and you can bet your wallet that we’ll be purchasing these titles (and more!) before the Steam Sale ends. Have you got a list of games that you’re looking forward to purchasing during the Winter sale? Now is the best time to purchase those games so that you can enjoy the holiday break with even more gaming goodness! In the mean time, we leave you with an image that best describes every Steam sale…