[WATCH] Final Trailer for Russian Superhero film “Zaschitniki” aka Guardians

From Russia with love comes the final trailer superhero film "Guardians"

Valentines is next month and, from Russia with love, comes the final trailer for Sarik Andreasyan’s superhero film “Guardians”. Check it out!



If you want more ‘Guardians’ hype, you can also check out their previous trailers and other promotional videos here.



February is indeed the month of love… well, love for action and heroic deeds especially because the screening rights have been sold here in the PhilippinesThis is our recommended Valentines date night flick for the geek couples out there!


Directed by Sarik Andreasyan and starring Sebastien Sisak, Anton Pampuchniy, Sanzhar Madiev, Alina Lanina, Valeria Shkirando, and Stanislav Shirin, Защитники/Zaschitniki aka The Guardians/Defenders will be released on February 23, 2017.