Many SAO Fans in the Philippines rejoiced yesterday as SM Cinemas made a huge announcement that they were selling tickets to the WORLD PREMIERE of Sword Art Online The Movie – Ordinal Scale!


SM Cinemas announced via their Facebook Page that tomorrow (February 18, Saturday), at exactly 5:00pm, Ordinal Scale will be available in SM Megamall Cinema 2 for the viewing pleasure of fans! News of this instantly spread as fans expressed their joy and excitement! Given this, if you plan to watch, you best secure your tickets as early as you can. Not only will you be part of this the awesome World Premiere, you also get some pretty sweet SAO Swag as well.


Premiere Section Tickets are priced at Php 500 each and will get you an SAO Paper Bag, a Poster, as well as Kirito & Asuna Signature Cards! You can book your Premiere tickets at

De Luxe Section Tickets, on the other hand, will cost you Php 350 each and will get you an SAO Paper Bag, a Poster, and an Author Signature Card! You can reserve your De Luxe tickets by calling (02) 633-1901 or by visiting SM Cinema Megamall.


As a fan of the series myself, I’m SUPER HYPED to see it! The SAO movie trailer looks so good and I can’t wait to see what kind of story angle they’ll use for the film. TOMORROW CAN’T COME SOON ENOUGH! Check out the trailer right here:


While the anticipation might make tomorrow seem so far, you can get your SAO Hype Fix by listening to the Full Theme Song of Sword Art Online the Movie – Ordinal Scale. Have a listen to the movie’s theme song called ‘Catch the Moment’ by LiSA.


See you all there tomorrow!



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