The new Overwatch Web Comic was just released titled Overwatch: Uprising. The new fluff looks to flesh out an important event in Overwatch history that will likely be used for the upcoming King’s Row Upsring event that will drop on April 12.

Before scrolling down for the potential skins, you can download the new comic here and read the story first!

Here they are in no particular order:


Tracer in Training

In the comic, we can see this suit worn by Tracer as she was fighting Genji


Cadet Tracer

This is the one we might actually get in the next update, which is the one shown in the previous teaser video.


Scientist Winston

I’m not much into getting a new Winston skins as there is really a lot of him going around now but hey more is good right?


Blackwatch Genji

The Blackwatch/post-Mercy Genji is probably my most anticipated skin of the bunch, and might probably fuel my desire to “git-gud” with the character.


Active Duty Torbjorn, Mercy and Reinhardt

Because white blue and yellow always look good together! Seriously though I need/want that Mercy skin and I hope they include it in the next update .


Blackwatch McCree

McCree and Widowmaker are by far the characters most in need of new gear, glad that this BAMF is getting his Blackwatch getup.

Speaking of the sniping spider… Where’s Widowmaker’s skin?


The next update drops April 12, 2017.

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