Doomfist Ability Test | How does Doomfist fare against other Hero Abilities?

So how exactly does Doomfist fare against the other heroes of Overwatch?

Earlier today, Doomfist finally got released into the Overwatch PTR. However, Doomfist has a bit of a unique kind of playstyle. He relies on combos and a primarily melee style of combat.


A lot of players are amazingly curious as to what Doomfist can really do and how he fares against other heroes. This video made by Lone Hawk really helps a lot with this. In this video, he tested Doomfists various abilities against the abilities of other heroes. Check it out below!


While changes will most likely be made before Doomfist hits the main servers, this test definitely helps you understand the capabilities and limitations of Doomfist as a hero. Be sure to check it out so that you can be prepared for when Doomfist officially launches.