If you haven’t been to the APCC 2017, we suggest that right after reading this article, you hastily come down to the SMX Convention Center, buy a day ticket, and line up at the Netflix “booth” (See it in more detail here). You’ll be doing yourselves a HUGE favor!

One of the main attractions of the Netflix area is the Death Note: The  Virtual Reality Experience. As already highlighted in our Netflix Booth Tour Article, the Netflix Death Note VR puts you in the role of Light, or someone like him, who’s being toyed with Ryuk, a Shinigami (Death God).


The VR places you inside a seemingly ordinary room with the titular Death Note on the table and Ryuk egging you on to use it.


Eventually you’re given a moral decision (pretty much like in the series). Will you let the person whose name is on the Death Note live or die? You choose his fate and you get to live with that consequence. It’s a quick experience with plenty of jump scares (probably because of the immersion).

Willem Dafoe’s take on Ryuk is spot-on in portraying the character’s sometimes funny, often creepy way of talking.

I won’t spoil the twists and turns of the experience, but I would say that having a huge space to wander around is pretty good as it gives the user a deeper sense of immersion.

If you can’t catch the  Death Note: The Virtual Reality Experience, don’t worry, the sequence will be available in Facebook 360 and YouTube, soon.

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