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    Dragon Ball Super Episode 115 Preview Breakdown


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    Reunite in Seal M

    The Dragon Ball Episode 115 Preview Roll is already out and it promises a major Saiyan clash between Goku and the newly Potara-fused Kefla. Here’s a quick breakdown of the preview and a few guesses on where this is all headed. As usual please do chime in in the comments section below!

    Goku Gets Brutalized by Kefla

    Yep, we will see Goku get tossed around like a rag doll by Kefla.

    As we saw in the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 114, Goku was no match for Kefla even if he was already in Super Saiyan God mode. The preview clip shows the continuation of Kefla beating him up and the voice over also mentions that Kefla goes Super Saiyan.

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    Side Characters Have Scenes

    Android 17 and 18 will have a few scenes in it.
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    We were also shown a few clips of fighting of the supporting cast. We have Android 17 and 18 taking on the intergalactic police dude who was supposed to face Frieza (but randomly and weirdly disappeared after transforming).

    Gohan and Picolo as well. Hopefully theirs won’t be boring.

    There’s also a fight scene with Gohan and Picolo against the Namek duo. We’re hoping that this particular fight won’t be too boring. It’s kinda sad to see Gohan relegated to such a minor role in the story. I can still remember how he was being built up during the Perfect Cell Arc with DBZ.

    Super Saiyan Blue Goku vs Super Saiyan Kefla

    Goku will go Super Saiyan Blue.
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    The highlight of the episode will undoubtedly be the face-off between Goku (Super Saiyan Blue) and Kefla. My theory is that Goku will lose the fight but somehow rediscover how he was able to summon Ultra Instinct, or at least some version of it, so that he can finally take on Jiren.

    How about you guys? Chime in below!

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